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Every successful business have these 4 essentials

If you own a small business like me, you & I can both relate to the stress we go through of streamlining a vague idea into an actual business entity. When you think that you can take a breather, the web developer comes in, requiring approval on the theme & color palette. Website content is next on the list, along with brainstorming sessions to finalize services and quotes. If not millions, few pressing matters require immediate attention to shape the business, digitally. Exhaustion from this excruciating process, which runs for a month or two, leaves little energy to focus on the essential aspect of the business - Marketing.

It would help if you had a few weeks of 'stress-relieving' Meditation Retreat to get you into the mood to craft a fully-functional marketing plan. Even if you craft one, you'll always be dubious of its success. These four ingredients, widely proven, come in handy to ensure that you'll enjoy running a successful business.

Website Copy

Half of the battle relies on your website's ability to converts itself. Imagine you slept on with 13 clients, and the next day woke up to 25 clients, all knocking in your inbox with their requirements. Your business needs to overcome the challenge of crafting the website copy that not only converts but also empowers the browsers to interact with your brand.

TIP - Donald Miller's SB7 Framework is the only reference you need to write the winning copy.

Marketing Channels

Getting the User Persona/Target Audience in place should be the first task. Deciding on where to promote the product requires a seasoned marketeer's wisdom to identify the target audience. The second and most important task is to get acquainted with the language/verbiage your target audience quickly understands. Based on the information, craft the marketing message for each of the selected channels. No doubt, it is time-consuming and requires hours of research. Isn't it better this way than having no digital presence?

TIP - Don't commit the rookie mistake to create a profile in every known social media handle and promote the same content/ad hoping it will work.

Search Engine Optimization

Wouldn't it be crazy that a sudden influx of traffic makes your website crash? That's the dream of every small business entrepreneur I met. Don't worry; the traffic is synonymous with browsers converting into customers. SEO Blogs are the most natural path, but if you're looking to hack into Google, get your website SEO optimized first.

TIP - Also, Pinterest is the most underrated social media channel to drive organic traffic. Use that to your advantage.

Tracking System

How do you know that the money you've spent on Google Ads is leading to conversion or not? Or, how do you evaluate which channels are bringing more business? An effective tracking system enables small businesses to understand what's working in favor and what's not. It will also help you identify the main reason why users are dropping off from the website.

TIP - Having Google Analytics integrated into the website puts you ten steps ahead of your competition.

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