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Free Social Media Funnel that Converts

Client #1 - "I want to grow my presence on social media."

Client #2 – "My goal is to reach 5k followers by the end of December."

Client #3 – "How are you going to 15,000 people to follow us on Facebook?"

Believe it or not, this is the brief most of the social media specialists get from their clients. And that's the end of it.

But to view it from the client's perspective, what they really meant was -

More Followers = More Leads = More Revenue

My inability to decode the hidden message under "I want to grow my presence on social media" made me lose out on big bucks. I've emphasized too much on getting traction and increasing followers that I zoned out the conversion.

TBH! I ran so many 'giveaway' and "tag 10 friends" campaigns, a feasible strategy to increase followers, that I forget, "oh! I should convert this traffic using a landing page."

In my defence, the client never briefed me about it.

The only thing I did right in my failed social media projects is to come up with a smart 3-step process to cover 80% of the job efficiently, i.e.

  • Identify trends

  • Create a Buyer Persona

  • Decide the 'right' Marketing Channel

Using this 3-step process, I've helped small businesses identify their target market and develop an effective plan to generate leads.

#1 - Identify trends using Google Trends

Creating engaging content becomes easy if you know the trending topic. For, e.g., my client, an Immigration lawyer based in the UK, offers 10 core services. Using the google trend, I can configure which service is famous among people in a specific time frame.

Services like – British Naturalisation, Spouse Visa, and Tier 2 Visa are the most trending topics of the last three months. Guess my Content Calendar for the next month will see content around these 3 categories.

#2 - Create a Buyer Persona

I've always wondered, "Is this really necessary?" Until I was tasked with selling a painting. Spent a day roaming the streets of London, asking random people to buy £20 painting. Unable to sell it off, dejected, I went out that night with friends and my mate Jake, who happens to appreciate art, and within 5 minutes of meeting him, I sold the painting.

Knowing people who would buy from you save you time and effort.

Let's continue with the UK Immigration Lawyer. British Naturalisation, Spouse Visa, and Tier 2 Visa are concerning people who want to settle in the UK. That brings up -

  • Expats working in MNC in the UK are more aligned to bring their spouse into the UK

  • Foreign nationals living in the UK for the last 5 years are eligible to apply for Naturalisation and sponsor Tier 2 visa.

#3 – Decide the 'right' Marketing Channel

I once tried to sell a wheelchair to a teen. The only thing I've anticipated that day was a sale, not a broken nose. Then I created a buyer persona and concluded that people over 60 with bad knees are my target audience. I approached an old lady on the tram and asked her nicely, "do you want to buy a wheelchair, love?" Now I'm writing this blog while sitting on that very same wheelchair.

Lesson: The audience is different for each social media channel. GenZ is ruling the IG, whereas professionals are busy networking on LinkedIn.

The UK immigration lawyer sent his regards when I introduced him to the Facebook group dedicated to Spouse Visa queries. He is currently the 'Immigration Guru' in 15 Facebook groups catering to all the 10 core services.

With 80% of the work done, the next step is to take sit back and appreciate the work you've done.

The remaining 20% of the work is compiled into a excel worksheet called "Social Media Funnel that Converts" with ready-to-use sheets –

  • Target Audience Worksheet

  • Keyword Research Template

  • Content Calendar Template

I'm sharing the access with only 20 people of the 'Social Media Funnel' worksheet -


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